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Luxury Car Insurance in Faridabad

  • All Car Insurance needs are covered under a single roof by Crescent for a better protection of the car and its owner.
  • With an experienced team of consultants and insurance agents, we understand what you need and what is best for you.
  • With car servicing, now get the best insurance for your car with Crescent.
  • With 5000+ satisfied clients, Crescent is leading to give the best car insurance to car owners in NCR.

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    Benefits of Car Insurance by Crescent

    Get Instant Quotes

    Once you fill the contact form, we take fast action on your enquiry and try to give you instant quotes.

    Best Insurance Rates

    Crescent cares about you and your car, that’s why we provide the best rates for car insurance in Faridabad.

    Fast & Easy Claim Settlement

    We understand how important it is for you to get your claim settled. Without wasting your time we try to give fast & easy claim settlement.

    What all is covered under Crescent’s Car Insurance?

    car owner cover

    Car Owner Cover

    We care about you and your car, that’s why our car insurance policy covers any kind of physical loss to the car owner.



    Natural or man-made calamities are not your fault, but they can still give a lot of damage to you and your car. Get your car insured from us, so that you can cover the damage.



    It feels very bad when you buy a car from your hard-earned money and it gets theft. Thieves will never care about your hard-earned money, but Crescent does.



    Fire caused due to self-ignition, explosion or lightning can be very dangerous. Crescent’s Insurance Policy also covers the damage faced by your car from fire.



    As we mentioned earlier, accidents never call you before they approach. Getting a car insurance from Crescent can cover most of the damages your car faces.

    Third Party Losses

    Any other person sitting or hit by your car is never responsible for any accident, then why he/she should suffer. Our car insurance also takes care of them and covers third party losses.

    Car Insurance Plans by Crescent

    1. Zero Depreciation

    Without any depreciating amount, Crescent gives an offer of complete coverage. If your car meets with any accident, then under this you will receive entire cost of the damage.

    2. Comprehensive

    Under this plan, you get complete coverage of any damage occurred to your car due to any accident or road mishappenings.

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