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Car Grooming by Crescent

Luxury Car Detailing Services in Faridabad

  • Don’t miss the final touch up of your car. Get your car groomed and detailed by Crescent.
  • Affordable car polishing and detailing packages for luxury cars is provided by Crescent.
  • Complete detailing of car from inside to outside done by a team of professional car mechanics.
  • With 5000+ satisfied clients, Crescent is leading towards innovating new features for providing the best car services for car detailing in Faridabad.

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    Benefits Of Getting Car Detailed by Crescent

    • With Crescent, your car gets extraordinary car detailing services.
    • At our workshop, we assess, clean and restore every detail of your car to perfection.
    • As we give premium car detailing services, we use tools that are professional. This includes detailing brushes, microfibers, rotary polishers, etc.
    • Our car detailing services includes removal of spots, swirl marks and scratch lightening.
    • With our car detailing services your vehicle remains in excellent condition for a longer time, which also increases its resale value.
    • We bring old cars back to brand new finish.

    Great Deals Great Service

    With some of the great deals on car detailing and car servicing, we are ready to take care of your car the way you would have taken. Our professional car services have earned us more than 5000 happy clients. Now, we are ready to bring a smile on your face by giving your car a new life. Get the final touch up that your car is missing by booking an appointment with our experts, where you will get a detailed description of the service with quotation.

    Multi-Brand Car Detailing Services in Faridabad

    Body PartWorkBrand we use
    Window PanelsPolish3M
    ExteriorScratch Removal Treatment3M
    ExteriorWax Polishing3M
    ExteriorBuffing & Rubbing3M
    Car SeatsDrycleaning3M


    Crescent never compromises on quality and keeping this in mind, we always use the tools from the most popular and trusted brand, 3M, for car detailing and polishing.

    Crescent have a skilled team that gives their best efforts to complete the car detailing process on time. It takes around 4-5 hrs for a complete car detailing service.